Confess the Mess

So I have a confession. I used to HATE to cook.  I was terrified of the kitchen.  It just wasn’t my thing.

My mom is a fabulous cook and always had a full meal on the table.  But when my parents would go out and it was MY turn to put dinner on the table for my little brothers…well, let’s just say there was more than one night my mom’s best friend and my best friend’s mom (did ya catch that?!) got a frantic call asking how to make mac & cheese.  

From a box.

No really, that actually happened.

More than once.

(I can still hear Pam trying to contain her giggles while she patiently explained that you turn the stove on, put water in the pot….)

And then a funny thing happened. A few years and a lot of takeout later, I got engaged to an amazing guy who was a great cook and had a beautiful little girl.  Suddenly I wanted to know how to cook! I wanted to put meals on our table and fill the people I love with food that they love, just like my mom does.

After a lot of mistakes and messes, note: don’t make divinity in your new kitchen aid with with the whisk attachment, and a bunch of lessons from my mom, mother-love, sister-in-love, aunts, grandmas, husband and the Barefoot Contessa (someday I will wear pearls and live in the Hampton’s and make the hubby chicken every Friday night) here I am. Do I still make a mess and have epic fails, well duh! But that’s half the fun. The other half is watching your family fight over that last piece of homemade cherry pie that’s just like Grandma Lucy used to make.

So worst case scenario, this blog becomes a journal of my cooking adventures and recipes that my family loves.  Some healthy, some ridiculously sweet.  Life is all about balance, right?  Best case scenario, someone who is terrified of cooking can learn a few things and realize that it is ok to use powdered sugar instead of flour (again, it happened) as long as you learn from it and keep trying.  ~s


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