Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Mmmmm fajitas!

Today was our first day back to work after Christmas break and I knew that it would be one of those nights where we didn’t want to go out but didn’t want to cook either.

Then I found this recipe for oven baked fajitas.  Although I made a few adjustments that worked better for us, it would be perfect as is.  But, here’s what I did…

Last night, I marinated the chicken (sliced thin) in 1/4 cup each of chile infused olive oil and pineapple balsamic vinegar overnight in the fridge and pre-sliced the peppers.  Which meant that tonight all we had to do was slice an onion and throw it in the oven!  Winner!

I also omitted the cumin because my hubby is not a fan, omitted the cayenne because I didn’t have any, drizzled with olive oil instead of vegetable oil and used 2 large chicken breasts, 2 red peppers, 1 green pepper, and a quarter of an onion.  This gave us enough leftovers for tomorrow night.   We served them on warm tortillas with low-fat sour cream, reduced fat cheese, and added red beans in our individual portions.

It was yummy, easy, and all the chicken mess was cleaned up last night.  My favorite.  They were a-mazing!





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