Hummus and the Hangry

Even though I am a snow-loving, northern girl at heart, I love all things Mediterranean.   Greek first press olive oil (it really does taste the best!), Dead Sea scrub from dad’s trip to Israel, hummus, San Marzano tomatoes, wine, Greek olives, Argan Oil for my “hello 40” face, feta, … I could go on and on.

We also tend to get a little *hangry* (that’s “angry from hunger”) around here so it’s good to have quick healthy meals that I can prep ahead and have handy.   And while we love eating out, I was looking for a recipe for Chicken Shawarma I could make at home. The hubs loves shawarma and it took a while but I finally found it.  It’s easy, healthy, and versatile.  You will love it.

I took this recipe and cut it in half.  Because we prefer white meat I used 1lb boneless thin chicken breasts and omitted the chicken thighs. For dinner I served it with hummus, pita, broccoli, and salad (with olives and feta of course!).  For a light lunch we rolled the chicken in little thin pita that I had cut into strips and dipped it in hummus.  It’s great both ways.  I have not made the sauce but that’s on our list for next time!

This made enough for 2 and with leftovers for another lunch or a couple of salads later.  Definitely do the extra step of sautéing in the olive oil at the end.  It takes 5 minutes and is totally worth it.

Now if only I were on one of those Mediterranean beaches…..





2 thoughts on “Hummus and the Hangry

  1. Great question! You marinade the chicken chunks in the olive oil/ seasoning mix and then bake them. Then you slice it and quick sauté in olive oil in a skillet to crisp it up a bit.


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