A few of my favorite things, not in order after the first one. ha!

My husband and daughter

Summer vacations at the cabin with the fam

A good book and a glass of wine on a rainy day

WIUGW (you know who you are and can I just say I am so proud of us!!)

Throwing a great party

Cooking a yummy meal on a Friday night with the promise of a relaxing weekend ahead

Hearing my little nieces yell “Aunt Shauna! Where’s your craft box!” every. time. they. come. over.

Having the same best friend since the day I was born

Listening to Grandma tell stories from the 1930s

Decorating the house for fall…when it’s still 90 degrees out because fall is just that awesome

China.  As in the dishes.  You can never have too many.  And everyone should drink coffee from a porcelain teacup. It’s pretty, it’s dainty, and it’s great portion control. Unless you drink 5 of them.

Magnum double caramel ice cream bars.  All 14 grams of saturated fat of them.  I blame my mother.






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